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How it all started?

Bearing in mind the ever-intensifying expansion of business in the IT industry and the increasing number of companies emerging every day around the world, the real challenge for anyone who has ambitions to try their hand at this type of business is entering the market and finding the first clients. The story of the creation of the Saint Di company is a true indication that the appropriate initiative and determination of one individual is all what it takes for the realization of such undertakings.

When, how and who founded Saint Di?

The founder of the Saint Di company is Dragana Čalija, a graduate software engineer with experience working within large corporations. During her studies, and later during employment in the IT industry, the desire and ambition for an entrepreneurial venture arises. Consequently, in 2013 Dragana left her job and started working as an entrepreneur without financial resources. At that time, the IT industry was blooming, yet a woman as a founder and owner of a software company was still a taboo topic, thus Dragana’s venture has an even greater importance.

How did Saint Di start business?

At the very beginning, Dragana did not have any potential clients. Only after 6 months of constant negotiations she succeeded in establishing cooperation with her first major client. This was followed by a gradual growth of the company and an increase in the work volume, and therefore income. After 1.5 years of business, Dragana grows into an LTD and starts expanding the personnel.

What exactly does Saint Di do?

Since 2015, Saint Di, now a renowned company with certain experience in providing various services, has been cooperating with clients around the world: USA, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland and other countries. During the years, Saint Di has been operating within multiple industries. Some of the services provided are mobile, desktop and web applications, project management, solution delivery, team/person as a service, etc.

Along with providing various services to clients, Saint Di has also created its own product in 2017 called OrderEngine, a software solution that delivers added value, efficiencies and overhead reduction to wholesalers, suppliers, and vendors. You can read more about OrderEngine here.

What does Saint Di’s slogan mean?

The slogan “No IT issue is unsolvable” was created as a result of Dragana’s personality and life philosophy, which says “there is no problem that cannot be solved in the IT industry”. It is interesting to note that Dragana, as well as the entire Saint Di team, lives by the philosophy that every problem generally in life can be solved. That shared outlook on life contributed to the progress of the company’s business as well as the constant expansion of the team. Another important philosophy of the Saint Di team is that “only change is constant”, which means that in every segment of life it is necessary to find ways for constant change, innovation, and progress.

How is the Sant Di team organized?

In the beginning, Dragana did everything completely by herself. As the business began to expand, she started hiring other people. The first roles that were employed at Saint Di were developers, and as their number increased, so did the need to hire people to support them (administration, finance, etc.).

Saint Di currently has over 20 employees forming a well-organized, synergistic, and efficient team. The priority while hiring new team members is the interpersonal, personal, and social traits of the individual. That’s because a positive spirit and a quality team atmosphere is a prerequisite for the success of any business. One of the main goals of the company is to create an environment in which employees will enjoy working.

The company is also active in the area of socially responsible business.

What is Saint Di working space like?

At the very beginning, the Saint Di team worked completely remotely, then at one point it moved to a coworking space. In the attractive part of Novi Sad, across the Petrovaradin fortress on the other side of the Danube, the Saint Di office opened in 2016. In this office, colleagues from Novi Sad have the opportunity to collaborate and socialize till this day, while the rest of the colleagues work remotely from their cities for the time being. The plan is to open Saint Di offices in other cities as well.

What are the plans for the future?

There is a tendency to expand the business, so Saint Di is open to cooperation with new clients, and therefore open to many positions. The development of a new Saint Di product is also in plan.

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