Web projects? We live web. Bring it on.

We need not tell you that you need online presence. It’s no longer even just about having a presence. Today, your web presence is the face of your company for the great majority of potential customers – it needs to be better, more attractive, more interactive, more useful, more professional, more polished – than ever before.

However that’s just the first level. If you are just marketing yourself on the web, you’re missing out – because your customers and partners already, or will soon, expect more. Web apps are becoming more and more the way B2C (business to customer) and B2B (business to business) work is done.

For your customers, you need to offer your products or services online, enable them to browse, interact, order, give feedback and do it in a minimal number of steps again next time. For your partners, you need to provide means to integrate their data with yours, to manage orders and deliveries and improve their business as a result of the way your business work – in the background, your business will flourish as well.

We live web. We know how it works, how it breathes and how it flows. We can provide you with all of it:

  • Web presentations
  • E-commerce (B2C)
  • B2B web apps
  • Intranet web apps
  • Web < > mobile apps

No need to be modest here – we deliver elite quality solutions using all the industry standard technologies, flawlessly targeted and crafted design and functionality that drives your business forward. Still, we’ll highlight some of the technologies:


    • HTML/HTML5
    • CSS/CSS3
    • JavaScript/JQuery
    • AngularJS/Angular2
    • ReactJS



    • Java
    • Python
    • ASP.NET
    • Node.js



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