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About the Client

In early 2017, Chambers of commerce and industry from the Western Balkans 6 (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia) decided to establish the WB6 CIF, as a professional association of Chambers headquartered in Trieste, Italy. In order to stimulate regional trade, investments, economic growth and the region's EU integration, the leaders of the Western Balkans six adopted a Multiannual Action Plan (MAP) for the development of a Regional Economic Area (REA). Project for enhancing the competitiveness of the Western Balkan economies by providing them with online platform that will be used as single point of information for importers/exporters to/from WB6 countries and appropriate data analytics is initiated.

  • • Market Intelligence Database represents large volume of data, that is analysed, visualized, and made available to business operators.
  • • Data is gathered from various sources with the use of available APIs and made available for further analysis and visualization.
  • • Appropriate tools are used to store, search, and analyse huge volumes of data quickly and in near real-time and give back answers in Milliseconds.

Western Balkans Six Chamber Investment Forum (WB6 CIF) has positioned as crucial partner in the following domains:
1) Supporting economic development of the Western Balkans
2) Enhancing local and regional business and investment climate
3) Provide business with necessary tools such as documentation, trainings, networking, to effectively take up opportunities created by the MAP
4) Providing an instrument for efficient use of available funds from international donors.

The Challenge

The application serves to administer large number of end users. Small and medium-sized companies from all six Western Balkan economies require concrete support in improving production and export capacities and increasing the placement of goods and services on the regional and world markets. There is no single place that gathers all information for WB6 countries individually and WB6 region.


The Solution

Data is gathered from multiple sources with the use of public APIs and set of ETL processes. Once data is imported in the transactional DB, it is being aggregated and additional dimensions created. Creative data visualization and export is enabled with the use of D3 components. Chron jobs enable data update and system monitoring. Back office functionality is enabled for representatives of Chambers of commerce.

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • D3
  • MySQL
  • AWS

A Word from the Client

The „Market Intelligence“ database provides to the companies an overview of wide range information in one place which are useful for business establishment, but as well for its continuity and improvement. Before export/ import of goods, visit the Market Intelligence database and find out:

- Macroeconomic indicators for WB region
- Information about product prices that you want to export or import
- Tax information of specific products
- Market trends for countries of your interest
- Regulations before placing product on the international market

Data Sources

- World Bank – Data is agregated from the following databases: World Development Indicators, Population Estimates and Projections, Statistical Capacity Indicators, Jobs, Doing Business, Human Capital Index, Education Statistics Indicators
- Trade Map – Import and Export trends per each of the WB6 countries and region displayed on HS2/4/6 tariff code levels
- Agri Data - Fruit & Vegetable products prices in EU
- Gov.UK - Fruit & Vegetable products prices in UK
- TARIC – Taxation and Custom Union
- Internal Data Sources – Documents and Legislations

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